Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More Alpaca Lace

I just finished Alpine Lace Scarf from Victorian Lace Today. It is a birthday gift for my mother in law. I really enjoyed working on this project. The central lace panel was very easy but the border kept me interested. I used two skeins of Misty Alpaca and cannot praise this yarn enough. I am certainly going to use it again. More details and pictures for those who are interested are on my blog.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

another shawl with alpaca

This shawl is my own design and uses Cherry Tree Hill lace yarn and Mr Joe Montapulcino which is an alpaca baby loop yarn. It was done on size 9 addi turbos and has a crochet bindoff.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Alpaca Day!

I mean, Mother's Day. lol I bought myself 2 and a half pounds of alpaca to spin this weekend. I'm very excited. This was (according to local "officials") the second best bagful. The very best had already been purchased, and it was white. Which, I realize, is better for dyeing and all. I don't want to dye it. I love naturally colored alpaca though. Too bad my camera is broken and you guys only get this pathetic picture, all of the other ones didn't even turn out.



I've got another free pattern for you guys. Stop by and check it out

Thursday, May 10, 2007

New pattern available

Hey guys, I just wanted to share a new free pattern with you. It's not in alpaca (though an alpaca blend would be a good sub),but knit out of yak which I can guarantee you'll love if you get the chance to try it out.


Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Luna Shawl Done

This is the Luna Shawl from Elann It was completed with 4 skeins of Pure Peruvian Alpaca in Atlantic Mist on size 9 additurbos. Its soft and gorgeous Measuring 66 X 36. DH dyed some Alpaca/Silk this weekend, have a look see at my BLOG.

alpaca vest

pattern: Gilmore Vest
yarn: 5 balls of Fable Handknits 100% baby alpaca in "grey"
needles: 3.5 and 4mm bamboo clover straights

Finally finished this vest! More details can be found on my blog if you're interested. I got a great deal on the yarn at pick up sticks. It was all 50% off, and it's the softest stuff I have ever knit with, so I kind of went a little crazy buying it, though I have a feeling they're all sold out of it at this point. Prices are in Canadian dollars so you should go over and check them out for all sorts of stuff. (Sorry, my little plug for pick up sticks, since I've had some really favourable experiences with them!)

And yes, I do actually wear this tacky polyester shirt!


Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Finally done!

As yet unblocked but I wanted to get a picture of it up because it may be awhile before I do block it. I certainly won't be needing it anytime soon.
Maybe I'll just display it on my wall for now!
More info here.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

New project

there is a Shawl along over at Elann.com using one of their free patterns. I am using Elann Pure Peruvian Alpaca to make the Luna Moth shawl. I am also using some alpaca in a baby blanket for the afghans for afghans mother'd day campaign. The shawl along is open to anyone---contact midwifeknits@yahoo.com Lisa will get you hooked up!!