Saturday, February 3, 2007

A Couple of Events

Alright, so, after reading through the posts and most of your personal blogs, I have set up a few things for us.

First, I want to do a small contest to encourage commenting. This will be a bit of a wait, and totally random, but still exciting. Just, comment here on the blog at some point or another (the more you comment, the more likely you will be to win!) in the next two months. That's all. Of course, there have to be posts to comment on. ;) The winner will be selected at random.

The second thing will take a bit more organizing from me, but I want to set up a review. I will email each of you individually and ask you to submit a review of the yarn you are currently using. If you have more than one project, just pick one yarn to review. Would you prefer a form or something more open-ended?

1 comment:

LesleyD said...

Yarn Review forms are great for talking about yarn. I always leave out little details that others need. :-)