Saturday, February 3, 2007!


I'm Melanie...(aka sienna)

& I'm quickly becoming an Alpaca addict.

I don't only knit with alpaca; it would be too warm for a sweater for me, not durable enough for socks or a purse, but for any other accessories I'm game. (depending, of course, on my paycheque that week!)

Ah...the obligatory questionnaire...

1. How did you find this KAL?

- along with everyone else, it seems, through the wonderful 2007 KAL list. (what a wonderful person, whoever organized that!)

2. What do you plan on making...etc.?

- I have the Liesel scarf on the needles as we speak (type)
- I have some Alacama left and I'm not sure yet what I want to use it for
- I'm sure other things will crop up as time goes by (maybe a shawl!)

3. Have you worked with alpaca before? & Favourite finished object?

- I made Fetching fingerless mitts with Alacama from Araucania Yarns. Lovely to work with and they look lovely. I may give them to my co-worker Leah (since she admires them so much) as a congratulatory gift for getting a scholarship to Fairleigh Dickinson University! Besides, I have enough for another pair in the same yarn if I miss them too much.

4. Favourite alpaca yarn?

- I probably can't afford the heavier weight yarns! I do like fingering weight and might try a lace weight shawl later this year. I must say I love the Noble yarn from Michell which is 90% alpaca, 10% something-in-Spanish.

5. Things to Do?

- I'm open...I would probably be more into contests & surveys than swaps...and everyone is into prizes. :)

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Priscilla said...

Welcome, Melanie! I am making a Liesl scarf too, but I am using Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora. I bet it would be beautiful in an alpaca yarn. I really love the pattern. I started it because I really want to knit lace shawls, but I thought a scarf would be an easier place to start knitting lace. So far, I seem to be right - I haven't had to rip it back once. Can't wait to see your finished scarf!