Sunday, February 25, 2007

Must Speak Up

I have my alpaca shawl on hold for the moment, what with all my other knitting I *must* get done before I dare cast on for it.

However, this afternoon, while out on a stroll along the muddied snow street of this fair little burg, I discovered I have to knit something else for myself, and very soon. I must knit myself a wide enough, thick enough, LONG enough scarf. As if I haven't been out in worse weather at all this entire winter. For some reason today, wearing my nice thick, but rather short, alpaca blend scarf that I made months ago for no real reason other than I had left over bits of alpaca/cotton blend yarn and wanted to see what they looked like together (lovely really).
I knitted up this 38 inch scarf, using red, black and white alpaca/cotton blend bulky yarn, as I had nothing better to do and the balls of yarn were leftovers from someone else's projects--and I figured well, why not.
I adore the scarf. I've not worn this scarf this year til now. I need one about this thick (roughly 10/11 inches wide), just....longer. Even blended with cotton, the scarf today was wicked warm, except where the wind streaked in under the edges as I could not properly loop it around my neck to keep the wind out.
I have I believe it is called Indica alpaca yarn, 100%, one lone skein, and it is calling to be blended, with who knows what at this moment, to create a very long very lovely scarf to keep me warm, no matter what.

So, first I shall need to go stash diving. My skein of Indica is sports weight (so says the label, but it is REALLY thin for sports weight, I say) and it is dark grey. (It also cost me $1 in the sale bin at my lys as it was the sole remaining skein of that colour when I happened in one day). Then, I shall go--pattern diving. Something simple is all I require at the moment, simple and yet--divine. :-) Or at least cute, ok? :-)

I'll let you know where I end up. I probably won't go stash diving until tomorrow. I have comfort shawl to finsih before I commence anything for myself.


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Can't wait to see what you come up with!