Monday, February 12, 2007

Eyelet Blouse

Hi Ladies,
I have finished my alpaca Eyelet Blouse from the latest Vogue Knitting. It did not even take me so long (I usually have several projects on my needles), which means this KAL is working as a good motivation. I enjoyed knitting it even though I had a hard time putting this piece together as it consists of too many parts for my taste. I used Knitpicks Ambrosia, 80% alpaca-20% cashmere blend and here are a few thoughts about that yarn:
I loved working with it. It feels very soft, slides nicely through my fingers, does not split and knits pretty evenly. When I put the blouse on though, I realized that unfortunately it does itch a little even though my skin is not particularly sensitive to wool or alpaca. I haven`t blocked it yet, but I hope blocking will somewhat soften it. If not I will have to find some cami to wear under. Some more pictures and details are on my blog .
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LesleyD said...

I love the blouse!! It looks fabulous!! Great job!!


Oh it is awfully lovely! I read the details on your blog and it's amazing that you did all of that fixing...I probably would have thrown it into the closet for at least a year. lol