Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Actual Knitting Content

Total PSYes, I tried to resist the urge that is Alpaca and failed miserably. Project Spectrum doesn't start until the first of February, and yet I find myself working on one of my projects for it. It was just supposed to be a swatch but the yarn is so delectable that I couldn't stop! My hands just cast-on this raglan by themselves, I swear. Even the stitch markers fit in with PS, they are blue and white. Of course, the only other color I had was pink.

We have YarnI also received my KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud for the lace cropped tee I'll be working on in April/May. It's not as yellow as I had hoped. Of course, that's okay by me, I'm not really into yellow. It still qualifies as yellow as far as I'm concerned. Check out my blog for more info as to what I'll be doing with those other yarns.

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