Sunday, January 14, 2007

Questions, Answers, and A FO

1. How did you find this KAL? Through the 2007 KnitAlong website.
2. What do you plan on making with your Alpaca fiber? Various items are planned. As I said previously I plan to knit an alpaca sweater. I'm sure that at some time during the year I'll knit more fingerless mittens. Those are a quick filler project and they are great to have on hand as gifts. Since I came up with my own pattern I'll probably sell some in my farm store. I have quite a bit of undyed yarn on hand that I will dye for scarves and maybe a couple of lace projects. After shearing and show season are over I'll spin some of JJ Jaxson's fleece. He is a light fawn that was born to our farm this year and has amazing fiber. The color is on the peachy side.
3. Have you worked with Alpaca before? I've been working with alpaca for about 3 1/2 years and am addicted.
4. What is your absolute favorite Alpaca yarn? Other than my handspun I'd have to say The Alpaca Yarn Company and Blue Sky Alpaca. I like the way they are processed. Some mills do not remove enough of the guard hairs and the resulting yarn has to much itch factor. These two companies have done a good job eliminating itch. What weight do you prefer working with? I prefer sport and DK but love it all.
5. What sorts of things would you like to see this group do? Would you like any contests, prizes, surveys, swaps? Mainly encourage each other and spread the word about alpaca. I'd really like to see all the myths proven to be just that, myth. Elasticity is still the one that gets me the most. Quality alpaca fiber has great crimp. Crimp = elasticity. Breeders have done a tremendous job in the last few years breeding desirable fiber characteristics into the North American herd. The result is more premium yarn is hitting the market. Contest and prizes are always fun. I'm not much into the whole swap process.

This Shawl was finished all except for blocking before this KAL began but I thought since it's now officially done that it would be ok to post it here. It is the Swallow Tail Shoulder Shawl from IK (I forget which issue now). It was knit in Blue Sky Alpaca 100% Alpaca sportweight on size 7US circs. To see more pictures visit the Swallow Tail Knitalong pages. I'll be posting there after I finish up here. This shawl is very drapey and soft. It will probably become a gift next Christmas.


rose said...



That is lovely! I very badly want to knit the Icarus shawl from IK, which I think I've said only a hundred times. lol

Actually, I think I just want to knit a shawl in general. I agree about dispelling the myths as well.