Monday, January 29, 2007

The Mandatory Questionaire

1. How did you find this KAL?
The big 2007 KAL page
2. What do you plan on making with your Alpaca fiber? Crocheting, knitting, or spinning? If knitting or crocheting give us details on the yarn! I'm going to be doing some freeform knitting with stash alpaca and probably some yet-to-be purchased non-stash alpaca.
3. Have you worked with Alpaca before? If so, your favorite past project knit with Alpaca?
Yep, I made a poncho out of Catalina 60/40 alpaca/merino blend. Very soft and lovely...
4. What is your absolute favorite Alpaca yarn? What weight do you prefer working with?
I have to say I'm in love with Misti Alpaca Chunky...
5. What sorts of things would you like to see this group do? Would you like any contests, prizes, surveys, swaps?
Oooh. Um... contests and swaps sound good. Plus surveys would be nice. And who doesn't like prizes? So, I guess all or any of those sound good.

My digital camera's dead right now, but hopefully I can revive it and get some pictures up soon.

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