Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hi everybody,

My name is Anna and I live in Brunswick, Maine. I was recently organizing my stash (as a part of my decision to go on a yarn diet for some time) and realized that I have more Alpaca or Alpaca blend than any other fiber. I also have a few Alpaca projects on my needles that I need to finish. I hope this KAL will motivate me to do so. I do like this fiber but I tend to get sidetracked by other projects.
Anyway, here is the questionaire:

1. How did you find this KAL?
I found it on the 2007 KAL webpage
2. What do you plan on making with your Alpaca fiber? Crocheting, knitting, or spinning? If knitting or crocheting give us details on the yarn! Knitting and more knitting. I am currently working on the Eyelet Blouse from the latest Vogue knitting in Knitpicks Ambrosia.
3. Have you worked with Alpaca before? If so, your favorite past project knit with Alpaca?
I have made a few sweaters using Alpaca yarn and a Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style using Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud. I finished it a while ago but I liked the finished result very much so I am posting a picture. The laceweight Alpac really feels like a cloud.
4. What is your absolute favorite Alpaca yarn? What weight do you prefer working with?
I don`t have absolute favorites so far but I do enjoy knititng with Ambrosia (80%Alpaca,20% cashmere blend in sport weight).

5. What sorts of things would you like to see this group do? Would you like any contests, prizes, surveys, swaps?
Contests would be fun. Surveys or everybody`s opinion about the Apaca yarn they are using, project ideas etc. would be very useful. I am mostly looking for inspiration and anxious to see what everyone is working on.
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LesleyD said...

The Eyelet Blouse is looking great! I was drooling over that pattern too. I love the color you are using!