Thursday, January 18, 2007

Another intro

I'm Rachel and I do alpaca...oh no wait this isn't alpaca anonymous.

1. How did you find this KAL? Crystal told me about it and asked if I would like to join.

2. What do you plan on making with your alpaca? I am currently making Shifting Sands out of Misti Alpaca DK.
3. Have you worked with alpaca before? Yes, I made the same scarf out of alpaca for a gift.
4. What is your fav alpaca yarn? I REALLY like Blue Sky alpacas, but I have another sweater planned this year out of Frog Tree Alpaca.
5. What sort of things would I like to see with this group? I do like swaps, I am always up for swapping yarn.
I am looking forward to seeing what everyone is working on and cant wait to see the finished projects!



Hehe it might as well be! Did you see the new buttons?? Alpacaholics Anonymous. ;)

Rachel said...